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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Travis Before Iraq

This is a picture of Travis and his girlfriend BI2. That's before Iraq, the second time. It was taken near a famous rock in Colorado. One of the reasons I'm including this is because it was e-mailed to me from his other grandmother. At the bottom was this message:

NOTICE: Privacy of this message may have been breached by the National
Security Agency�s surveillance program as part of the Global War On
Terror. The NSA or other governmental agency currently has executive
authority to log, read and/or archive all electronic and some telephone

Now, I'm glad the NSA (National Security Agency) is taking such good care of us. And because this has a military flavor, I'm relatively sanguine about it. My worry is that such surveillance is being carried too far. I do appreciate their being open about it; I do hope I never see one of these on an e-mail that has nothing to do with the military. (-: I believe we must be cautious, of course, but I also believe that if we lose our freedome of speech, those who would see us doomed will have won.
Carolyn Howard-Johnson wrote the foreword for Eric Dinyer's book of patriotic quotations, Support Our Troops, published by Andrews McMeel. Part of the proceeds for the book benefit Fisher House. Her chapbook of poetry won the Military Writers Society of America's award of excellence.


Holly said...

Unfortunately you won't see one of the disclaimers on an e-mail that has nothing to do with military but they will be there. There are so many ways we are already being tracked. In Texas along a highway under construction in our state capital, they found cameras in the benign looking orange barrels along the side of the road. This was to check travel patterns. No harm intended or course. Why then didn't they post it, why hide? Oh, they are there.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

I'm glad to see your comment, Holly. I am as intent about seeding this blog a forum for protecting the rights our soldiers are fighting for as I am for protecting our soldiers from dismissive policies.
Thank you.

Sustenance Scout said...

Now that's a familiar sight! The famous balancing rock is just down the road from us in the Garden of the Gods. I've got some great shots of my kids goofing around in that same spot. Terrific new blog, Carolyn! How you do it all, I'll never know. Best wishes for a blessed holiday season to you and all your family, especially your grandson. Peace, K.