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Monday, June 15, 2009

Fighting the War Within

Because I am a political animal, I get up in arms about the problems I see our troops and veterans face and this blog sometimes gets a little help-the-troops heavy rather than focusing on the root problem of war--intolerance. Today I have a guest blogger--and editor, fine writer and thinker--who will rectify that imbalance a bit. Please meet Jozette Aaron and respond to her essay:

Fighting the War Within

By Jozette Aaron

Reading the newspaper recently has been more like a chore than something I enjoy doing while having my coffee in the morning. I am hard put to find any good news, especially in light of the upsurge in hate crimes and racism in the U.S. The media calls it "a perfect storm" with the election of a black president, the recession, gay marriage and the gun law controversy. There are those out there that are less tolerant of change, those who internalize these feelings until something triggers those feelings and they boil over in an uncontrollable rage.

Change is what has made America the country it is today; has helped it to evolve and grow strong in the face of adversity. I never thought I'd live to see a black president in the white house but I did and for that, hope springs eternal; the hope that we would tighten the threads that hold us together as a nation, accept our differences as blessings for the chance to learn new cultures and new ways of experiencing our lives.

Our children and their children are our future leaders and much rests on their innocent shoulders. I have to remain optimistic that children who are bought up in the racial bias of their parents and taught to hate those different from themselves will, as adults, reject this mindset and accept all differences as part of the natural order of things.

While society accepts, in the name of free speech, and gives voice to all those who would drag our society, as a whole, through the mud, it is racism dressed up in many different outfits that fuel these voices.

We are fighting two wars in foreign lands, dealing with the threat of a nuclear incident as well as the infighting in our own government. The hope is that we, as Americans, can win the battle against differences and learn to live together in peace for peace is not something that will come from without…only from within.

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