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Monday, July 19, 2010

On Palin, Organized Thought, Words, and Tolerance

Those of you who visit regularly may have noticed that the word "tolerance" is in the title of this blog. Mostly the "soldiers" part gets my attention here because "tolerance" usually gets even more political that our military. Still, I can't resist this one. It touches on my love of clear concise writing which requires using words well to achieve that--and on my love of tolerance.

I'm also keen on the connection between organized thought and clear concise writing. That usually takes more time than my blogs allowed. Some great author once said that it takes a first draft to know what it is you want to say.

I didn't have time for a second draft of this blog post, so I'm just going to stop here, give you the link, and let you rip into this with comments. (-: Here it is. Ta da!!!;

Speaking of that second draft I didn't write, those interested in improving their writing may be (notice I didn't writer "maybe") interested in my booklet The Great Little Last-Minute Editing Tips for Writers.

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