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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Jamie Dodson Releases Flying Boats and Spies

Flying Boats and Spies: A Nick Grant Adventure
By Jamie Dodson
Publisher: OnStage Publications,
190 Lime Quarry Road, Suite 106J
Madison, AL 35758
Phone: 256.461.0661

Jamie Dodson, Intelligence Officer with Redstone Arsenal’s Aviation and Missiles Lab, released his first historical fiction novel, Flying Boats & Spies, A Nick Grant Adventure., a story about building Pan American Airways flying boat bases across the Pacific during a vicious cold war that existed between Japan and America.

Dodson said. “The animosity between the two nations was very similar to the recent cold war between the former Soviet Union and the Unites States. However, it’s less well known."

He also says, “In the 1930s, Pan American’s flying boats represented the pinnacle of aerospace technology. Like today’s NASA space shuttles. The Japanese not only wanted to wreck a planned route between China and the west coast, they wanted to steal the technology.”

Dodson knows a great deal about technology and protection. He's been involved in most facets of intelligence work. After he retired from the Army, he worked in industry for three years as a system engineer. Then the Army approached him with an offer to help them protecting U.S. technology from other nation’s spies.

The new author has received praise from well known masters of the techno-thriller and historical fiction genre. Ralph Peters, author of best seller, Wars Of Blood And Faith said, “Delightful! ... this well-told tale of international intrigue should appeal to every generation in a family.” Michael Dobson (no relation) co-author of Fox on the Rhine said, “Flying Boats and Spies... (delivers) depth, realism, and charm in liberal measure.”

Jamie Dodson started writing novels in 2001. He has over 25 years of experience in counter intelligence, special intelligence, signals intelligence and Intelligence Analysis for the US Military. He's served with Special Operations, Army Aviation, Airborne Infantry, and Military Police.

Jamie F. Dodson
Madison, Alabama
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