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Monday, April 28, 2008

A New True Story Book on WWII's Greatest Submariner

I thought visitors to War. Peace. Tolerance. might be interested in this new book by James W. MacMeekin. Here is the information on it:

Book title: Richard O'Kane and the Sinking of the Forty-Nine.
Subtitle: The True Story of WWII's Greatest Submariner"
349 pages
Author: James W MacMeekin
Publisher: Three Rivers Books (863) 294-1323

Synopsis: Commander O'Kane revolutionized the offensive use of WWII submarines from that of a reconnaissance and underwater attack vehicle of opportunity, to that of a speedy surface vessel, capable of massive destruction, and the ability to outrun pursuing Japanese destroyer escorts. His wartime record proves the efficacy of his actions: 49 enemy ships rusting on the bottom of the might Pacific.

Cover art can be viewed at Go to the Book Store link, then look under Authors, under M for MacMeekin. The book will be available later this week at, or immediately by calling publisher.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson wrote the foreword for Eric Dinyer's book of patriotic quotations, Support Our Troops, published by Andrews McMeel. Part of the proceeds for the book benefit Fisher House. Her chapbook of poetry won the Military Writers Society of America's award of excellence.

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